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a good dose of plutonium would give me an excellent view from any angle, but also kill my ass. so its like if x-ray was 50% off at macy's

it's just God's Poutiest Lil' Pupper again

(Spoiler for Doctor Who S14E07)

WIP/teaser render

Remaking an old model for a Thing. Need to put in a TON OF WIRES AAAAAAAAAHH, but that's for another day.


oh. that's good. I deleted at least two recent blog posts by accident and I can't find a cached version.


I really need to get around to designing a crocodile sona for myself.

Nickit Robot VRChat avatar

I think I've finished my Nicket-like robot avatar! Here it is in VRChat. I might add more animations later and went with a shade of pink, instead of the original orange you'd see on a Nickit.

The speaker over the mouth animates with like, a beating effect, when I talk. Need to get a video of it.

This model was actually really fun to make -- and the rigging and weight painting wasn't complicated enough to annoy me this time. I will probably make more robotic characters soon.

Also, I actually want to make the eyes animate but haven't gotten that far yet.